LifeWork tackles your toughest people challenges.

Communication Matters

As human beings, we spend more time communicating than doing anything else. So, why aren’t we all super good at it yet? Let’s face it; effective communication is hard and incredibly complex! During this course, we’ll put the FUN back in fundamentals and teach practical tips to build your team’s communication skills.

  • Communication Cycle
  • Listening
  • Non-Verbal Cues
  • Composing Powerful Messages

Recognizing Blind Spots

Leaders often claim to provide an “open door policy”… and yet, are often the last to know about organizational angst. Why? Because it can be hard and scary to give AND receive feedback. In this course, LifeWork will provide a safe place (with practical tips) to help your team develop a healthy culture of giving and receiving effective feedback.

  • Finding Blind Spots
  • The Art Of Asking For Feedback
  • Feedback During Conflict
  • Performance Feedback

Be the Boss of Change

Have you ever tried (and failed) to lead change at you organization? Whether it’s a big dollar initiative or an attempt to streamline an existing process, the hard truth is that change is everywhere. This course will navigate you through the complex reasons people resist change and give practical and effective strategies for overcoming resistance.

  • Analyzing  Your Change
  • Brain Science Behind Resistance
  • Brain Elasticity Exercise

Life-Work Harmony

Maintaining balance takes a LOT of energy, so adding the stress of trying to keep equal weight in both life and work can be counterproductive. If your team is feeling burned out, unproductive, or overwhelmed, this course may be just what you need to jump start your team’s energy levels. Together, we’ll learn simple, practical prioritization tips that can help you lead your team to a place of wellness and harmony.

  • Stress Factors
  • Unpacking Self-Care
  • Prioritization Exercises

Analog Influence

In today’s digital society, people associate social influence with social media. But how did historical game-changers influence people in an analog world…before the internet? In this course, you’ll discover how Ben Franklin, the 17th child of a staunch, Puritan family, became one of the most forward-thinking, influential leaders in American history. Through his life, we’ll learn the fundamentals of building your “leadership brand” as we seek to understand and influence the world around us.

  • Influence vs. Manipulation
  • The Life Of Ben Franklin
  • Influence Theories & Tips

Curiosity as a Superpower

Curiosity is defined as a strong desire to know about people and things that do not concern us. Sadly, in a world where the “selfie view” has permeated our way of thinking, our innate curiosity about other people has waned. If you want to develop a leadership superpower, get hungry for knowledge, information, and a deeper understanding of your team. It will lead to meaningful performance conversations, less conflict, more influence, and win you the trust of your team and colleagues.

  • Inquiry vs. Interrogation
  • Asking Powerful Questions
  • Tips To Starting A Conversation

The Power of Self-Confidence

Put simply, Impostor Syndrome is the belief that others have more to offer and are more powerful than you. It goes beyond healthy humility and is often a barrier to advancement and empowerment. In this course, we will learn how to stop comparing yourself to others, break down negative connotations associated with the concept of power, and discover how to step into self-confidence.

  • Causes of Impostor Syndrome
  • Tools To Build Self-Confidence
  • Debunking Career-Path Myths

A Multi-Generational Workforce

For the first time, there are four distinct generations in today’s workforce: Gen Z (1995-2012), Millennial (1980-1994), Generation X (1965-1979), and Baby Boomers (1946-1964). Yet, despite their differences, people have more in common than we realize! In this course, we’ll learn how to understand the value of every generation while building practical, empathetic strategies to motivate and manage a diverse workforce.

  • Common challenges
  • Communication strategies
  • Tools to engage all generations


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