If you were to describe Alissa broadly, you’d simply say “people are her jam.”  She chose to direct her Communications degree into business, and her 20+ years of experience yield one key conviction: employees are first and foremost people.

Alissa employed this philosophy during her early career in the nonprofit world, and most recently, at a global S&P 500 company leading talent development. She offers a wealth of experience crafting strategies, processes, and programs to help organizations grow their people. These include:

What’s the secret sauce to Alissa’s success in both work and life? Three natural gifts: problem solving, teaching, and understanding people. This combination makes her unstoppable.


Rachel’s legal training, combined with her natural empathy, enables her to find the humanity at the center of every issue. We call her superpower “empathic analytics.” After law school, she chose a career in corporate talent where she employed her superpower to help leaders discover their purpose and nurture their people. 

Ten years of managing talent processes at a large global company honed Rachel’s management and communications skills. It’s not hyperbole to say she’s a strategic ninja. She guides leaders in clarifying the big picture and crafting a plan to achieve it. 

Rachel’s extensive experience includes developing strategy, designing processes, leading teams, and providing leadership consulting in the following areas:

But it’s not just her experience that makes her effective. Rachel tackles every people issue with a simple approach: ask the right questions, listen to understand, and offer honest solutions without sharp edges.

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