Helping organizations unlock the power of their people by building a culture where individuals thrive, enjoy the best experience, and develop exceptional human skills.

Our Values Make us Different:

Keep it simple
Care about relationships
Meet clients where they are
Have the audacity to have fun


Alissa is a seasoned professional who brings over 20 years of experience in talent development to clients. With a background in Communications, the nonprofit sector, and leadership roles at a large global company, she crafts strategies and programs to foster learning and growth with clients. Alissa has a passion for people and believes they should be at the forefront of every organization.


Rachel combines her legal training with deep empathy, approaching every issue with an analytical yet human touch. With a decade of experience managing teams and talent processes at a large global company, Rachel excels at providing strategic guidance to leaders, helping them uncover the core of every challenge and craft effective plans to overcome them.